Table Of Contents

To give you an idea of what the abridged version of the book discusses, here is its table of contents:

  1. Conspiracy Theory
  2. My Initial Conversion Experience
  3. Promise Keepers
  4. The Long Road Back
  5. Righteous People in the Bible
  6. Perfect People in the Bible
  7. The Church in History
  8. The Original Protestant Reformation
  9. Biblically Defining "Arrogance" and "Humility"
  10. Holiness Preachers
  11. John Wesley
  12. Jacobus Arminius
  13. A Tribute to a Godly Teacher
  14. Truth is Logical
  15. What We Must Know About the Evolution of Dictionaries and Bible Translations
  16. Who is Israel?
  17. The Prophets' Gospel
  18. The Mission Statement of the Messiah
  19. MacArthur's The Gospel According to Jesus
  20. A Tale of Two Gospels
  21. Letting Scripture Interpret Scripture
  22. Biblically Defining "Sin"
  23. Biblically Defining "Repent"
  24. God Does Not Hear the Prayers of Sinners
  25. Biblically Defining "Justification"
  26. Repentance Precedes Justification
  27. Biblically Defining "Advocate"
  28. Are You Saying That if I Sin, I'm Not Saved?
  29. Examining the Covering for Ongoing Sins
  30. The Contradiction in Modern-day Christianity
  31. Romans 3:10
  32. Romans 7:14-25
  33. I John 1:8
  34. The Offensiveness of Jesus
  35. The Antichrist
  36. False Christian Teachers
  37. The Practical Conclusion

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