Scroll In Chapter One of this book, which you can read as a sample chapter on this website, you will read shocking quotes from some of our most respected Christian leaders—Drs. John MacArthur, Howard Hendricks, Josh McDowell, R. C. Sproul, and Bruce Wilkinson—as they sound the alarm that there is something seriously wrong with our modern-day church. From their respective positions, they present their observations and evidence that there is no measurable difference in the morality of the average modern-day Christian and the average non-Christian. In the chapters immediately following, I will demonstrate that it has not always been this way. This rampant immorality is a relatively new phenomenon in church history.

I remember when studies began coming forth which revealed the embarrassing fact of the church's immorality. It was shocking to all of us. I heard them referenced regularly by some of our most respected leaders. As the years passed, however, I saw noticed two things: (1) No one seemed to have an answer for the problem, and (2) Even though the church is still just as immoral as it was, some of our Christian leaders are now trying to discredit and silence the authors of the studies.

The problem is what we believe. In the eight and a half years of full-time research for this book, one thing I have learned is that it is safer to kick a hornets' nest than to question what a Christian believes about his Christianity. Another thing I have learned is that this is exactly what we must do if we are going to see a return to personal holiness. Carnal believers are not living in rebellion against what they believe; they are living what they believe. They are living what they hear preached from their churches' pulpits on Sunday morning.

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Wayne Scott, Author

With no exception, I am hearing from church historians that the salvation doctrines presented in this book are the same as those held to by Christians of the first three hundred years of Christianity. They are contradicted by the salvation doctrines most commonly preached today.

This book is written by a layperson for laypeople. What you will read here is what you know in your heart to be true. These ideas and concepts have passed the most careful scrutiny of credentialed Bible scholars. (See the Endorsements to read some of the comments that are beginning to come in.) It is my prayer that this book will birth a grass-roots return to personal holiness, not based upon emotional preaching but upon sound, unshakeable biblical doctrines and beliefs. No one can consistently live differently than he believes.

We are saved by believing, but we are not saved by believing if we have believed a lie. When you are through reading this book, you will understand that the reason for the downward spiral of the church's morality is that we have believed a lie about the reason Jesus came and about the nature of the freedom He offers.

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